SideBySide Medical App


Objective: In three weeks, create a mobile app that solves a real-life problem for the campus or your community.

App: SideBySide (SBS) is a mobile health and communication app that updates concerned family, friends, and/or caretakers about the health and well-being of their loved ones. The main goal of the app is to provide a platform where users can create a personal profile for a patient: communicate their health-status, share appointments, schedule visitations, and stay connected.

A problem in today’s society is the ability to communicate and update the statuses of a loved one’s health accurately and with minimal repetition. When a loved one is constantly in and out of hospitals, it is difficult to inform others of the patient's current medical status. SBS will help people remain side by side with their ailed loved ones.

Apps on the market today are focused on health and fitness; often diet and nutrition trackers, weight loss assistants and workout information. Apps that do act as organizers and access points for medical records tend to be personalized and private, solely for keeping track of bare medical information like medical appointments and medications.

Original Entry:

This app design was submitted for California State University, Northridge's AppJam 2016 contest and won the Popular Vote.